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I think we can safely say the Starting Off project kicked off in spectacular fashion last night!  I loved reading everyone's posts - it was great that they were all so different, covering personalised routines, top tips and a massive range of products to suit every budget.  I wish I had had access to this when I was first getting into make up and skincare.  Roll on Week 2!

There are so many bloggers involved in the SO Project that it is almost impossible to check out everyone.  I decided to start this series so we could all get to know each other a bit better.

First and foremost, the brains behind the project, Stephanie.  Steph only started her blog in June but she already has an incredible post archive, including fashion, make up, nails and tutorials.  

Tell us a little bit more about The Starting Off Project!
I came up with it basically because I wanted my blog to go somewhere other than product reviews and I had lost a little mojo!   The Starting Off project is an idea I had at the beginning of August 2013 and it is a blogger series aimed towards helping out younger teens/make up newbies/make up fanatics, advising them on what different products do, how you use them and a few recommendations of products us bloggers know and love.  (from Steph's Inside Voice)

Now the project has started, how are you feeling about it?
I'm loving how its going, I never expected so many people to get involved! It's amazing how many of you there are and I can't wait to see all the posts every Tuesday!

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Next up is Nicola, a 25 year old blogger from Middlesbrough who is not only a Primary School Teacher like me, but also lists her 3 favourite things as make up, cheese and bacon flavour crisps and is at the 'giving the boyfriend evil stares' point of wanting to be engaged.  I think we could be twins!  The focus of Nicola's blog is fashion, beauty and lifestyle on a normal budget.  She's got some fab beauty reviews, mixed in with gorgeous fashion picks and scrummy recipes.

Why did you want to join the project?
Well the main reason I wanted to join this project is because I remember only too well how confusing and daunting the beauty world can be. There are hundreds of products out there and so I really hope that our involvement in the SO project can clear up some questions that young people may have regarding beauty.

What do enjoy blogging about?
I used to try to stick to only blogging about beauty item reviews, but then I realised that really wasn't me. So I've begun including different posts on my blog such as recipes and fashion wishlists.

How do you feel about the project so far?

I'm really enjoying the project so far but I just really hope that it is actually reaching our target audience. I've been doing accompanying YouTube videos to try and reach teenagers as of course this would all be pointless if they didn't see our posts.

Finally for today, meet Parie.  She has a lovely mix of fashion and beauty on her blog; I also really like her 'Teen Talk Tuesday' series in which she addresses issues ranging from stress, through sun protection to DIY skincare.

What made you want to join the project?
When I saw Steph's post on what the project was about, I was instantly hooked! I have been loving makeup and skincare for a while now and when I first got into it all; I had no clue about anything! I guessed my way through everything and learnt from the mistakes I made. I thought that being part of this amazing project would be my chance to help other people that are just starting off with any issues or worries they may have. Hopefully, they will see the project as a simple guide and don't make the same cringe worthy mistakes I made! 

What are your favourite things to blog about? 
If you were to pop onto my blog for a browse, you can instantly see that I love my beauty! Whether it be make up, hair or even nails I just like to talk and talk and talk about it until there isn't anything left to come out of my mouth! I consider myself a complete girly girl in the sense that anything related to beauty, fashion and lifestyle I will write about. I also love blogging about the things I have bought because they help others in finding bargains! 

How have you felt about the project so far?
The project has been planned and organised so well and accurately that everything has run so smoothly. The help that we got given at the start was perfect, as we got told everything we needed to know. And it is beyond amazing that every Tuesday you see bloglovin' and twitter explode with all these Starting Off posts! 

I hope you enjoyed meeting these three bloggers.  

Let me know if you would like to be featured in upcoming posts! 


  1. Hi Rebecca, such a nice idea to showcase some of the great bloggers taking part in this project, the amount of blogger love surrounding the whole thing is so lovely to see. Looking forward to reading the rest of your posts!

    Vicky @

    1. Thanks - I know, everyone's loving the project!

      Rebecca x

  2. Thanks! I've really enjoyed reading all the different posts. Loved yours too!

    Rebecca x

  3. I am loving reading everyone's SO Project posts... I am so nosey about people's routines and favourites! So pleased I'm taking part :)

    Lex Talonted Lex

    1. Me too!

      Love your post - I love the NSpa Skin Renewal Gel so much!

      Can I leave a comment on your posts? Couldn't see where to do it!

      Rebecca x


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