Monday, 5 August 2013

Sun Protection Series 1 - Garnier Clear Protect SPF 50+

Knowing that I was soon to head off on holiday to Abu Dhabi, with average daily temperatures of around 40 degrees, I knew I was going to have to invest in some good sun protection.  I am currently typing as I lay on a sun bed on the 5th day of my holiday and am as yet not burned, so I think I chose well so far!  I thought I would share my various choices in a series of blog posts.  Almost all of the options I went for are mid-price-range and purchased from Boots, mainly because I share with my boyfriend and he would no doubt object to paying top whack, despite my protests!

For the first few days I wanted to go for a factor 50+ as I hardly had any base tan and was going to be out in a really hot, sunny place.  My only previous experiences of an SPF this high have been thick, opaque, gloopy and not at all nice.  Well, Garnier Amber Solaire Clear Protect is a REVELATION!  

It is a clear spray that spritzes cooly on to the skin.  As it contains alcohol, you have to rub it quickly because it evaporates before you can say 'SPF'.  But once you are done, it leaves virtually no trace of product.  It is completely non-greasy and non-visible which means it is absolutely perfect on my skin.  However, if you have dry skin, you may miss the moisturizing element of a cream or oil.  

The spray claims to be 'very water resistant' which means a little splash is fine, but it still recommends re-applying after swimming.  

One tip though -  this probably shouldn't be used on the face.  I don't know if I am blaming it unfairly, as I have used loads of new products on my skin recently, but I have had quite bad breakouts since first using this.  I didn't plan to use this on my face but got scared that my facial SPF 35 wouldn't be high enough for the start of the holiday so I used it anyway.  My fault I suppose

I will only give 5 stars to an SPF when it is this good and lasts all day even when swimming! 

Have you tried this SPF?

Can you recommend a facial SPF 50+ that is not greasy or thick?

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