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#theSOproject - Tools

Well here it is, the final ever instalment of my #theSOproject posts!  I have really enjoyed taking part and I have discovered some gorgeous blogs and lovely bloggers during the project.  Check out #thewinterproject which is starting next week and will hopefully fill the gaping hole left on a Tuesday evening!

I use make up brushes everyday and my current favourite brands are Real Techniques and EcoTools.  They both offer a great range of brushes that do the job fantastically well.  They are really soft and can often be found at bargain prices - Real Techniques are currently available at my local Asda for around £5 or £6 each!

Eye Brushes
For lining the eyes with shadow or gel liner, or filling in and defining the brows.  They are available in a few different shapes and thicknesses, from thin and angled to slightly softer and wider.  I got a set from EcoTools that has a nice selection of these and the Real Techniques Detailer from the Core Collection does a good job too.

These are brushes to pat on eyeshadow and are good for a sweep of colour over the lid and for heavier application for a smoky eye.  These two from GOSH are good - having the larger and smaller sizes is handy for creating different looks.

Essential to create smooth lines and beautiful graduated effects.  My favourite is the MAC 226 but I also like this large one from Bare Minerals.

Face Brushes
My favourites for applying and blending foundation are the Real Techniques Buffer and Expert Face brushes.  For mineral foundation, a Kabuki brush is perfect.  Sponges are a popular option too, especially the beauty blender or RT blending sponge.

The bigger and softer the better!  The Real Techniques Powder brush and The Body Shop Face and Body brush both fit the bill perfectly here.

For cream blusher, a stippling brush is essential.  For blush, a soft bristled brush does the job.  Once again, Real Techniques have knocked it out the park on both of these.

For cream bronzer, I use the RT Buffer brush and blend it out.  When using powder (bronzer or a dark blusher such as MAC Harmony), I use an angled brush such as this Lancome one.

I love to use a fan brush or loose duo-fibre brush to apply a light dusting of powder highlighter over my cheek bones.  I like these 2 from EcoToolAny other brush tends to give too heavy an application.

Other Tools
Eyelash Curlers
I curl my eyelashes every day before applying mascara.  It makes such a difference to the overall look.  I always heat my eyelash curlers lightly with a hair dryer (make sure you check how hot they are before using on your lashes - you don't want burned eyelids!).  This sets the curl - think about the difference heat makes when curling your hair!

Essential for keeping rogue hairs at bay.  I got mine from TK Maxx - you don't need to spend a fortune but some of the cheaper ones just don't press together hard enough to grab the hairs.  

Cotton Buds
I use these for tidying up eye make up mistakes - either dry or dabbed in a bit of Bioderma.  

Cotton Wool Pads
I use so many of these, mainly for removing make up, cleansing and toning.

What are your must-have tools?

What is your all-time favourite brush?


  1. I just couldn't help but check out all the Diptyque in the back ground...I want it all haha. I'm really going to miss your so project posts!

    Hannah xxx

  2. I really like the Eco tool brushes as well they seem to wash and dry really well. Once again I think you the biggest collection I have ever seen ;)
    Clare xox


  3. Your posts are always so amazing! I love your first photo how you have it all set up!
    Seems we are all loving the RT brushes as they have been in every post I have read tonight! Haha :)
    Amazing post as always! So easy to read!


  4. I have one of the eco-tool brushes and I really like it-- not sure why I've never tried more! I also just recently tried my first real techniques brush and really want to try a few others! Great post!

    sundays grace beauty blog

  5. My must have brush is definitely the One Perfecting Brush from Becca Cosmetics! It totally replaces so many of the brushes that I use (:

  6. Wow you have so many make-up brushes. Love all the Real Techniques brushes


  7. RT brushes yay! my faves. Really informative post! (thanks for tweeting me your link!)

    www.tigerlilybeauty.blogspot.com | UK Beauty Blog



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