Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Versatile Blogger Award

Recently the lovely Hannah at A Day in the Life of a Northern Girl (check her out on my featured bloggers post) nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award and as I was checking my comments today, I saw that Alice from Making Me Blush nominated me too!   I am so grateful to these lovely girls, it really means a lot that they thought of me!  You really should go and check out their blogs, they are both fab.    

So what is The Versatile Blogger Award? Well it's an award given to bloggers who inspire you and bring something special to you. This could be due to their posts, pictures, tips or just their lovely writing skills. I actually could have written at least 4 of my answers the same as Hannah's!

The Rules:
1. Thank or mention and link the person that nominated you
2. Nominate another 15 bloggers for the award
3. Notify those 15 bloggers whom you have nominated
4. Write 7 facts about yourself

7 facts about me:

1. As well as this blog, I am a primary school teacher and have a little cupcake business. I like to keep busy!

2. I love baking and applied for the Great British Bake Off this year but didn't get in. :( But watching again this year has reminded me how stressful it is and how much I have no experience in so I'm actually quite happy to watch it from the safety of my sofa.

3. I am a sucker for a bargain - supermarket 'oops' sections, blog sales, car boots, money off deals - you name it, I shop it.

4. I love fake tan and wear at least a daily tanner if not a full-on Essex tan year round, I just look so pale without it and it just feels wrong! I wish I had a beautiful even skin tone but I just look kind of pink and blotchy unless I wear fake tan.

5. I am desperate to get married - I have been with my boyfriend for more than 8 years so I think it is about time!

6. At the moment I am loving going to they gym and am going about 5 times a week. But I get really bored doing cardio so my latest thing is to do 45 minutes on the sit-down bike with the Little Things Forever App which keeps me occupied and takes my mind off how knackered I am!

7. Procrastination is my middle name. If I have a deadline for something, whatever it is, I will always do it at the latest minute possible. Hence why I wanted to post this before the #bbloggers chat and am still writing it at 8:20pm!

I am nominating these 15 bloggers, though I'm sure at least some of them have been nominated before...

Nicola from Stylish but Skint
Estelle from Let Me Go xo
Liz from The Other Dress
Charlotte from Lil Miss Chickas
Rosie from Rosie Louise Love
Jane from Northern Beauty
Elizabeth from Beauty Supergirl
Jemma from Bamboozle Beauty
Allie from Allie's Beauty Blog
Hayley from Water Painted Dreams
Karen from Liverpool Lashes
Charlotte from Carlotta's Beauty Spot
Louise from Confetti Letters

I hope you have enjoyed this post and that you check out some of these fab blogs! 


  1. Aw thanks for doing it, I love getting to know more about my favourite bloggers. I am also a major matter how hard I try not to be.

    Hannah xxx

    1. Ah, thanks for nominating me! I found it so hard not to just copy and paste your answers, esp about music, the double bed and fear of flying!

      Rebecca x

    2. Aw I'm glad someone feels my pain (not that I'm glad you have a fear of flying because it's a horrible fear) but whenever I'm on a plane people just look at me when I'm having a break that's going to make it better!!!

      Hannah xxx

  2. Haha I'm also such a procrastinator, which makes going to the gym especially hard, but I just gotta do it! lol Just started following your blog! x

    Fernanda | Ferdie's Beauty Finds

    1. He he, I can only manage the gym if I go STRAIGHT from work, otherwise I don't bother!

      Thanks for following!

      Rebecca x

  3. Im so a last minute person too, love reading peoples facts

    New follower

    Carrieanne x

    1. Thanks for following! Going to check out your blog now.

      Rebecca x

  4. Thanks for nominating me Rebecca! I'm writing the post up as we speak
    Estelle x


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