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#theSOproject Featured Bloggers 4

We are nearing the end of #theSOproject and I for one will really miss it.  I have connected with so many lovely bloggers since the series started and have found some many more gorgeous blogs to follow.  I enjoy having a topic to write about each week that I do even when I'm feeling demotivated, out of ideas or busy and I love seeing everyone else's take on the same theme.

A new project has been announced!  Check out #theWINTERproject here: Bold 95 Beauty.

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Clare is a 23 year old blogger from Manchester who has a great range of posts covering fashion, beauty and tags, with a focus on budget buys.  I can't believe how many brilliant posts she has written in just a couple of months!

Why/how did you get into blogging?

I went into blogging as I felt like I was losing myself after having my little girl. I wanted something to re gage my focus. I love shopping but enjoy saving money so I wanted to show people that you can do both and that designer isn't always best.

Are you enjoying the SO project so far?
I'm really enjoying the SO project so far. It has been great fun writing and reading everyone's blog each week. As a newbie in this manic blogging world I've learnt a lot from it about blogging and of course beauty along the way.

What has been your fave week or which are you most looking forward to?

I liked Week 4, bronzing. I was surprised how much information I actually knew about contouring and highlighting. It made me wonder why I panicked about doing this on a daily basis. After reading everyone else's blogs it has now become a major part of my routine. I am really looking forward to the lipstick week though as I feel this is an area I could benefit from reading.

Stephanie is a 19 year old blogger from California who is currently living in Poland. Not only is she a great beauty blogger who writes great haul, review and empties posts, she is also a medical student! Now that's impressive!

Why/how did you get into blogging? 
I've always bored my friends to death at some point talking about beauty...or when they ask me for a recommendation for a product I send them paragraphs instead of one word (haha!) So I just wanted to get into doing something where people could read what I had to say instead of just posting on makeupalley all the time.

Are you enjoying the SO project so far?
Yeah! I think it's so nice because I get to write about my favourite products and give all my tips and I also get to see everyone else's favourite things!

What has been your fave week or which are you most looking forward to?
Definitely the blush week. I'm such a blush junkie! It's a bit ridiculous haha. (runner up would be lipsticks but I just don't even know where to start with that one!)

Laur is a blogger from the Highlands who posts about beauty, fashion, life and her upcoming wedding.  I'm a sucker for anything weddingy so her blog is perfect for me!

Why/how did you get into blogging?
The reason I got into blogging us a simple one. I love reading blogs and I thought one day why don't I give this a shot! I never though anyone would follow me. I just wanted a small place to talk about what I am thinking!
 Are you enjoying the SO project so far?
I have loved being a part of this project. I look forward to Tuesday to read everyone's post and I have to admit I have bought quite a few products on the recommendation of other bloggers.
 What has been your favourite week or which are you most looking forward to?
Ooo tough I loved blusher week as I'm a bit of a blusher junkie! I'm really looking forward to make up tool week as I'm always on the look out for new brushes that are affordable and good quality.

I hope you've enjoyed finding out a little bit more about these lovely bloggers and that you go and check out their blogs if you haven't already!

Let me know if you would like to feature next week.


  1. Thank you so much for this feature :D made my night xxx

  2. Enjoyed reading these, these bloggers sound lovely! :)


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