Friday, 31 May 2013

Spring Empties

I thought I would save up my empties for the whole season rather than month by month, so here is the Spring Edition!

 (Also, we have just finished doing up the garden so cue many garden shots!)


Pantene Protect & Volume Shampoo for Coloured Hair  £4.69 for 500ml
Pantene Protect & Smooth Conditioner for Coloured Hair  £4.69 for 400ml
I have been a big fan of Pantene for years and years now.  Whenever I try a different shampoo or conditioner I regret it as nothing I have ever used even comes close!  It cleans my hair well and leaves it smooth and tangle free.
Repurchase?  Already have

Dove Hair Therapy Express Treatment Conditioner  £3.39 for 180ml
I got sent this to try out as part of a Buzz Agent campaign.  It was ok but was nowhere near as good as Pantene.  I needed to use loads to get it to work and even then my hair was tangled after use. 
Repurchase?  No

James Brown Intensive Moisture Mask  £8.16 for 150ml (3 JB products for £12 at Boots)
This is a great mask that makes my hair super soft and shiny after use.
Repurchase?  Already have

Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo  £4.10 for 100ml
I bought this at the hairdresser ages ago and it is meant to be used every now and again to 'spring clean' your hair.  It was fine as a shampoo but I didn't notice any difference to normal.  At £4.10 for a tiny 100ml bottle this is not worth the money.
Repurchase?  No

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil   £24.99 for 100ml (I had 25ml but can't find it anywhere online)
This was another hairdresser purchase but this time, I love it.  This smells so good, like ginger beer but not overpowering or too sweet.  As I have oily hair, I was nervous about using an oil but this doesn't weigh my hair down or make it greasy.  It makes my hair so smooth - I have really missed it since it ran out but I am waiting to finish off a few bits before I get a new one.  A little goes a long way so it lasts ages too. 
Repurchase?  Definitely

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil  £9.99 for 100ml
I love getting samples like this in magazines - with a shampoo sample, you barely get enough to try it once but this lasted for at least 5 uses.  It is a really nice hair oil but I prefer the Awapuhi.
Repurchase?  No


S&G Clean on Me Shower Gel  £5.50 for 500ml (currently 3 for 2 at Boots)
This stuff is amazing - it is creamy, foams beautifully and smells really nice.  I started my 2nd bottle at the start of April, it is used by me and my BF every day and is still well over half full.
Repurchase? Already have

S&G Calm One Calm All  £5.50 for 500ml (currently 3 for 2 at Boots)
Again, a lovely bathing product with the signature Soap and Glory fragrance.  Very creamy with lots of bubbles.
Repurchase?  Probably after I have used up some others

Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing Sachet  £1.80 for 50g
I got this in a blog sale and enjoyed using it but I have since made something really similar using ingredients I have at home.
Repurchase? No

Cowshed Extra Firming Body Butter  £28 for 200ml
This was a magazine freebie and it got used up pretty quickly.  It is packed full of great ingredients such as coconut oil, ylang ylang, rose hip oil, seaweed extract - the list goes on!  I found the smell to be really strong to the point of overpowering.  Also, I couldn't tell in the few uses I got from the sample whether or not it would actually do the job of toning. 
Repurchase?  No but my friend loved it and has repurchased!

You have maybe noticed a theme, in that my current favourite all-rounder brand is Soap & Glory. 
I love the wide range of products that they have which all have great ingredients and really work to target certain areas or issues.  I received a couple of great gift sets for Christmas and the rest I tend to pick up during 3 for 2 or similar offers at Boots. 

Clearasil All in One Wash and Mask  £5.39 for 150ml
In the last month or so I have tried to move away from spot-targeting products so I am veering away from brands like Clearasil at the moment.  This wash and mask was ok but I prefer the Clean and Clear scrubs/masks that do a similar job.  I found it hard to rinse off.
Repurchase?  No

Garnier Moisture Match for Combination to Oily Skin Sample Sachet  £5.99 for 50ml
I really didn't like this.  It left a film on my skin that flaked off when I applied foundation over the top.  On the plus side, it does smell like holidays.
Repurchase?  No

Soap and Glory The Greatest Scrub of All  £9 for 125ml
As an in-shower, regular facial scrub, this does the job.  It has fine grains that don't irritate and I used it every other day to brighten and refresh my skin.  The twist-off cap is annoying though; it would be better with a flip-top.  I am currently using Origins scrub which is much more intense I wouldn't be able to use it that often and I am yet to decide which level of exfoliation I prefer.
Repurchase?  Maybe, but not at this time

Soap and Glory The Fab Pore Facial Peel  £8 for 50ml
This is a fab product and this was my 2nd tub.  It can be used as a quick 5 minute mask (ideal for using in the shower whilst conditioner is on) or a 15 minute deep detox.  My skin always feels soft and glowing after using this and I will be buying another one quick!
Repurchase?  Yes

Sanctuary Pore Refining Toner  £9 for 150ml
I used this as a refreshing spritz post-cleansing though it can be used on a cotton pad.  I don't know how much it refined my pores but it felt nice and smells like roses, so I'm not complaining
Repurchase?  Maybe, I have the Caudalie beauty elixir to use first so let's see which one wins out!


I have bought quite a lot of new make up this season so I have not really finished anything!

Clarins BB Cream Sample  £22.50 for 45ml
This BB cream is absolutely gorgeous.  It goes on smoothly and gives a beautiful flawless finish which I don't usually get from BB creams.  The SPF25, anti-oxidants and anti-fatigue benefits make this even more perfect. 
Repurchase?  Yes, when I have saved up/used up other foundations

Have you tried any of these products?
What products have you finished during Spring?


  1. I used to use Pantene in my teen years, but in my 20s I found it was too heavy for my hair. It probably was in my teens, I was just a dirty teenager ;) I also had the same problem with Tresumme. For really fine hair, it's hard to find a good cheap shampoo, but so far I've found Herbal Essences to be the best for me! It still amazes me how different everyone's experience can be with products! x

    1. Ooh I always used to love the smell of herbal essences!

      Rebecca x

  2. Lots and lots of empties there! I can't use Pantene as it's no good for my sensitive scalp, but I did love how shiny it used to leave my hair. I had the Clarins BB cream sample too, I really want to purchase the full sized product.


    1. I looked wishfully (if that's a word?!) at the Clarins counters when I went to the massive Westfield centre yesterday but my credit card was screaming at me - maybe next pay day!!

      Rebecca x


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