Saturday, 18 May 2013

Saturday Scents 3 - Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

I bought this perfume as another blog sale purchase from the lovely Jude at Love, Lust and Fairy Dust (I think I've just about cleaned her out!!).  I was so excited about this as I have seen some rave blog reviews - I also got a bit over-excited about the glimpse of sun we had over Bank Holiday and thought it was the perfect time to invest a gorgeous summer fragrance - oh well, at least it puts me in the mood for sun even if there isn't any!

I assumed that this perfume would be tropical, coconutty maybe and fruity.  However, you need to think Mediterranean sun rather than Caribbean when placing this scent.  Though light, it is musky and woody.  It has notes of blossom, lavender and nectar and a myriad of citrus elements including blood orange, petitgrain and bergamot.

As an Eau Fraiche Skinscent, the fragrance is light but it lasts longer than I expected - by the end of a day at work, it is still just detectable.  I would reapply though if I wanted it to be stronger throughout the day and certainly if I wanted it to last for the evening.  Spritzing it onto clothes helps the lasting power. 

I think this perfume is lovely for Summer days and evenings out and I will be enjoying this throughout the season.  I don't love it though and I haven't yet had any comments or compliments when wearing it, like I have with Jo Loves or Diptyque and I can't see myself rushing out to buy another bottle. 


Have you tried Bronze Goddess?
What do you think?

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