Sunday, 21 April 2013

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 6

Write 30 interesting things about yourself

1.  It was my 30th Birthday on Thursday (18th April)!
2.  My cousin and my boyfriend's grandma share my birthday and my middle name, which is Mary.
3.  I am 5 foot 8 and a half.
4.  I have 2 tattoos, both from different travels - one from New Zealand and one from Australia.
5.  I'm terrified of spiders.
6.  I adore Jo Malone perfume.
7.  Even when I am over the moon for my friends when they get engaged, it always makes me cry.
8.  One of my favourite days of every year is when the clocks change in the Spring.  Sunshine makes me happy!
9.  I went on the best school trips, including Venice and Florence, Sorrento, Japan and a Mediterranean cruise!
10.  I much prefer sharing food when out for dinner than just having my own dish.
11.  I love watching TV and rely far too much on my recordable Freeview box!
12.  I love cooking and baking - check out!
13.  Even though I do not believe in superstitions, I am still funny about the number 13.
14.  I am a Primary School teacher and I love it - even when you have a tough day, there is always a child who learns something new or says something lovely to brighten your day.
15.  I am still on a quest for the perfect foundation.
16.  I love eyelash extensions and can't wait to try mink or silk ones.
17.  When I'm on holiday, I read about 10 books.  I really need to get a Kindle!
18.  Every time I read I cry with laughter.
19.  I am a grammar pedant.
20.  One of my best friends is having a baby and I am ridiculously excited.
21.  I cannot bear the smell of cigarette smoke.  I hate how the smell lingers on people, objects and clothes. Utterly vile. 
22.  I am right-handed but do other things left-handed eg cutlery.  My boyfriend is the same.
23.  Our anniversary is on the 23rd of February.
24.  I can't get enough of celebrity gossip.
25.  Before I can get to sleep I need to read or watch TV.
26.  I have got my Grade 8 on the flute.
27.  I am trained in Indian Head Massage.
28.  I have 2 pet rabbits called Smudge and Mylo.
29.  Although I am still very new to blogging, I love it! 
30.  My partner's name is Harry but that is actually a nickname - his surname is Harrison.  Confusing!
Do you share any of these with me? 
What interesting things can you tell me about yourself?


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