Friday, 26 April 2013

REVIEW Korres lip butters

I have a slight addiction to lip products.  Korres has been on my radar since seeing another of these lip butters reviewed by Louise at Confetti Letters.  When I spotted them reduced in Waitrose, I snapped them up in Jasmine and Guava.


Korres is a Greek brand that uses 'naturally-derived, top quality active ingredients'.  They use selected herbs and fruit which are not only effective but smell beautiful too.

The lip butters have a rich, creamy texture which glide on smoothly.  I love how hydrating they are - they leave my lips feeling super smooth and plumped without being claggy or giving that puckered feel that you can get from some lip balms, including the Nivea lip butters. 

Jasmine, Guava

The scents are initially quite strong but natural, so are not sickly.  The Guava is fruity and tropical - perfect for Summer.  Jasmine (in real-life!) is one of my all-time favourite scents.  Unfortunately, this doesn't smell at all like Jasmine!  I do like the fragrance though - rich and sweet, like cocoa butter and vanilla. 

The lip butters are tinted but only very lightly.  The Guava is almost clear with a pale sheen and the Jasmine is a gorgeous browny-pink neutral shade.  On the lips, the colour is barely noticeable though they do have a lovely finish and look great over a lip stain. 

These have quickly moved up to top position in my lip balm/butter collection and only lose half a star for the missing Jasmine fragrance.


Have you tried these lip butters? 
What is your favourite lip product?



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