Friday, 5 April 2013

An Indulgent Bath

Few things are more indulgent than a bath in the middle of the day.  Being a teacher in my day job, I am so grateful to have the Easter holidays to recharge my batteries and catch up on jobs that build up during term time.  One way I love to relax is with a luxurious bath and a myriad of pampering products.

I always have a quick shower before my bath as I prefer the idea of being clean before I soak!  At this point, I wash my hair with my all-time favourite shampoo Pantene's Protect & Volume.  It has a thick, easy to lather formula that gives my hair a thorough clean and makes me feel like I am doing something to protect my over-highlighted locks. 

My current favourite bath soak is Calm One Calm All from Soap and Glory.  This has the beautiful , slightly floral but not overpowering scent that Soap and Glory are well known for and comes with a built-in body lotion which has a lovely softening effect on the skin. 

 The first product that I use in the bath is the Intensive Moisture Mask from James Brown.  I bought this from Boots to top up a 3 for 2 deal when I was buying some shampoo and conditioner as a wedding present for one of my best friends to take on her honeymoon (I also got her other products, I wasn't being that frugal!).  As it was bought on a whim, I wasn't expecting too much from it.  I was soon proved wrong!  It has a thick consistency and a zesty, unisex fragrance.  My hair always feels so soft and smooth afterwards and it doesn't weigh my hair down or make it too greasy which is a must for me. 

Whilst the hair mask is working its magic, I apply a face mask.  Today I am using my Origins Clear Improvement Mask which I picked up from House of Fraser last week, which promises to draw-out, absorb and dissolve impurities,   This is the second time I have used it and I haven't noticed a huge difference in my pores but I am going to keep persevering.  Annoyingly, I noticed on finding the link that House of Fraser are offering a deal on Origins to receive a free product with any purchase which I DIDN'T GET grr!  My favourite mask (dare I say Holy Grail?) of the moment though is Soap and Glory's The Fab Pore which makes my skin smooth and soft and does wonders with pesky blackheads.  I am nearly through my 2nd pot of this and will definitely be purchasing a 3rd in the not-too-distant future!

Following on with the Soap and Glory theme, I then like to use one of two body exfoliators.  Some Like it Hot, as the name suggests, contains 'self-activating Therminerals' - basically it warms up when you rub it on.  Pulp Friction does not have the heat feature but foams up into a luxurious lather as you scrub.  I probably prefer the latter for a bath as I don't feel the heat is necessary when you are already in a hot bath.  I also have some Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing Sachets that I got from a blog sale (the lovely Louise at  Either way, the only downside to these is the grittiness left at the bottom of the bath when you have rinsed them off. 

I then sit back and relax to let the hair and face mask do their work and read a good book.  I am currently reading Death Comes to Pemberley by P.D. James.  A follow on to the classic Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen,  it is set 6 years after the marriage of Elizabeth and Mr Darcy.  It has taken me a while to get into but I am gripped at last.  As you can see, I am someone who likes a book to feel well and truly read, not one of these 'I mustn't bend the spine' types!

As I don't have a bathroom-friendly stereo, I set up Deezer on my phone and play the chart.  I LOVE this site as it gives you access to almost any music ever released for a subscription cost that is barely more than 1 CD per month.  And my phone speaker sounds great mixed with bathroom acoustics!

What is your bath routine?
Do you have any must-try pampering products for your bath?

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    I love the Salt Scrub! It had a beautiful citrus fragrance and was not too abrasive as the salt crystals are large and rounded. When the salt dissolves, it leaves you with a lovely oil that soaks into the skin. Added bonus - no gritty bits on the bottom of the bath!


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