Monday, 15 April 2013

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 4

Your views on religion

I have always found religion interesting and part of my degree was on the anthropology of religion so I have been looking forward to writing today's post!
 I find it fascinating to look at how religion has evolved hand in hand with human society.  The step from living day to day finding food and shelter to believing in rites and rituals in order to provide these basic needs is inextricably linked to the community and complex language unique to humanity.  Looking back through history, religion can be seen to develop alongside our understanding of the  world around us.  It is human nature to try and explain 'how' and 'why'.  Religion, in its many different guises throughout the whole of our history has sought to do that, from worshipping Sun Gods to Genesis. 
I remember clearly teaching Egyptian Creation Myths to a Year 4 class and having a discussion with the children in which they astutely observed the similarities between these and current religions.  As said by Ricky Gervais on Twitter recently, '"Why don't you believe in God?" For exactly the same reasons that you don't believe in Zeus'.
 I was born into a loosely Church of England community and was christened.  I grew up going to church occasionally and went to a C of E Primary School.  In that sense, I am a Christian by community.  I am though, a 100% committed, confident and contented Atheist.  I do not and will not ever actually believe in any religion though it will continue to fascinate and intrigue me. 
Religion can bring together communities and give us a moral guide by which to live our lives.  It can give us something to aspire to, to hope for and believe in at times of joy and times of despair.  However, in the wrong hands, as has happened time and time again throughout the whole of history, it can be used to control, manipulate, poison, rule and breed hatred.

 Life is beautiful, incredible and ephemeral - appreciate it, make the most of it and let others do so too - whether you or they believe in any God or not.

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