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#theSOproject Featured Bloggers 2

The Starting Off Project is still going strong after week 2.  I have seen loads of fantastic, informative posts about concealer and spoken to so many bloggers about how much they are enjoying taking part.  Unsurprisingly, the firm favourite concealers seem to be Collection Lasting Perfection and YSL Touche Eclat!

My 3 featured bloggers this week are Nykki, Estelle and Liz so let's find out more about them!

First up, meet Nykki - a 25 year old blogger from Phoenix, Arizona.  Her blog is fresh, vibrant and funky, with posts about beauty and lifestyle including recipes, product reviews and an awesome blog hop!

Why did you want to join the project?
I love taking part in something that a majority of the beauty blogger community is participating in. It’s always so much fun to see/read other points and views on the same topic that I am writing about, not to mention being able to enlighten someone who may not have as much experience with a particular product. The project was simply – a genius idea, that I am completely jealous that I didn’t come up with myself. I give Steph major props – she has an amazing mind.  

What do I enjoy blogging about?
My blog is beauty and lifestyle – I enjoy blogging about just about everything that life has to offer. Let’s face it, I like talking about myself & the things/products I love. I also love sharing the not so great products out there, and help my readers save a few bucks.

3 tips for someone starting off with make up/skincare 
1.       Practice makes perfect; nothing comes without work.
2.       Be bold; don’t be afraid – and let your makeup help define you.
3.       Read as many reviews as possible before purchasing a product – Don’t waste your money; learn from your peers.

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Estelle is a lovely blogger who started blogging at around the same time as me and who shares my love of Pretty Little Liars!  Her blog is gorgeous and girly, focussing on beauty and fashion.  

Why did you want to join the project?
Steph is one of my favourite bloggers so when she tweeted she needed some bloggers for a project I was straight on it! I love getting involved in blogger projects as they're all super fun and it helps you to meet new bloggers! Steph's just sounded like a great idea and so different and fun! SO project is definitely completely different from every other blogging project, that's why so many people are involved!

What do you enjoy about blogging?
Haha, I love love love speaking to new people who have such a passion of the same thing you do! I really love 'achieving goals' so if I get x number of comments on a post I feel really good! I think another thing is rambling on about things a lot of people don't care about, but people get it! And people enjoy reading your rambles about a certain mascara. It's really uplifting haha!

What are your top tips for someone starting out with make up and skincare?
Probably expensive is not always best! When I first started I knew, after seeing what my mum was using, that I wanted this LancĂ´me mascara and this Clarins facial toner, when I know now that I'm sure I could find a toner just as good as that for more than half price! I'd also say start small and work your way up! I think it's really important to get used to makeup and skincare before using 200 products a day!

Liz is a blogger from Cardiff who loves pink roses, sweets and pug dogs.  She is recently married and her blog is named after her buying one wedding dress then changing her mind and buying a new one!  Her blog is filled with gorgeous wedding planning posts as well as beauty reviews and favourites with beautiful photos.  

Why did you want to join the project?
I joined The Starting Off project because it's such a brilliant idea!  When I first started wearing make up there was not a lot of advice, tips or recommendations out there, so you had to figure it out for yourself.  Covering a different beauty topic each week breaks it down and makes it easy to follow.

How do you feel about the project so far?
I've spent ages reading through all the other So Project blogs, and the advice is fantastic!  There are so many product recommendations that I cannot wait to go out and buy.  I'm really looking forward to reading all the other posts in the series.

My top three tips for a newbie would be:
1. Have fun! When I first started wearing make up, I loved nothing better than to spend an afternoon in my room experimenting with colours and techniques.  If you're stuck for ideas, there are some great, simple how-to tutorials on YouTube.

2.  Less is more.  Young skin is beautiful and doesn't need lots of heavy makeup.  If you feel you need a foundation, make sure you get a good colour match and apply sparingly.

3. Visit a makeup counter.  The professionals will show you how to apply makeup, and give you the correct colours to compliment your features.  Most of them will do this for free!

I hope you enjoyed meeting these three bloggers and have checked out their blogs!

Let me know if you would like to be featured in upcoming posts.


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