Wednesday, 18 September 2013

CUPCAKES - 1st birthday

Before I was Cloud Nine Indulgence, I was Cloud Nine Cupcakes.  Well, I still am but I this is my first cupcakes post on my blog!  So here goes...

At the weekend I had an order for 40 1st birthday cupcakes.  I was given a picture of the main cake and designed the spots and numbers in colours to match - lime green, blue and chocolate brown.  There were 10 each of raspberry & white chocolate, vanilla, chocolate and chocolate orange.  These are probably the 4 flavours that get ordered the most.  

Would you like to see more cupcake posts here?

Would you be interested in recipes or how-tos?  


  1. Those cupcakes sound and look delicious!! x x

    1. Thanks! I do like indulging in the left overs!

      Rebecca x


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