Tuesday, 19 November 2013

#theWINTERproject - Winter Accessories

For me, Winter is THE time for accessories - fluffy scarves, cosy mittens and delicate shimmering jewellery epitomise this season.  In fact, there is just so much to choose from that I had no idea where to start with this post so I thought I would stick to a theme.  And what image better sums up a Wonderful White Winter than the snowflake?

(None of the prices stated include P&P costs)

Necklace Ebay £23.50 
I love the organic look of the sea glass along with the shiny pearl and shimmering bead - like all the different textures of snow and ice in one beautiful necklace.

This is another charm-style necklace, this time with a Swarovski pearl and a customisable monogram disc.

This is such good value!  It is so dainty and delicate - everything a snowflake should be!

Bracelet Etsy £22.96
This adorable bangle can be customised with a monogrammed disc for a more personal pressie.

Bracelet Etsy £23.28
The infinity symbol and pearl make this a great gift for a best friend or partner.  This Etsy seller makes loads of gorgeous jewellery with infinity symbols and interlocking circles so check out the other items too!

Socks New Look £7.99
These would be so perfect to wear around the house on Christmas Day.

Headband Ebay £15.50
Perfect for snowy days and ski trips, this Fairisle design headband is a great alternative to a wooly hat.

DP jumper £29
The crystal snowflakes on this jumper from Dorothy Perkins are subtle and shimmery so it doesn't scream 'Christmas Jumper' - ideal for wearing all Winter.

TS jumper £29.99
For something a bit more OTT, this Truffle Shuffle offering is fab!

Scarf John Lewis £30
I love grey and white as a colour combo for Winter and this just looks so darn snuggly!

Gloves New Look £6.99
I like how these gloves have the best of both worlds - fingerless so you don't have to faff around taking your gloves off all the time, and a mitten flap for when the air is particularly chilly.  Sorry the picture is so rubbish but I could only save the thumbnail! 

Random Stuff
Also check out notonthehighstreet.com for a million beautiful Christmas gift ideas and bits and bobs for decoration and home decor - that site is AMAZING!  

Unfortunately I don't have an iphone - I am always sad that gorgeous accessories like these aren't usually available for my HTC One X (which I think is, in every other way, much better than an iPhone!).

Stamp Not on the High Street £4.25
This is made for me this Christmas - perfect for stamping onto Christmas cupcake boxes or for making tags to attach to homemade foodie gifts from Cloud Nine Cupcakes!

Which is your favourite out of the items I have chosen?

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  1. This post has just made me want to.spend lots of my pennies. I love the snowflake necklace from eBay and the dainty braclet. Mines at Onestopsavvy.blogspot.co.uk would love if you could re follow me again on bloglovin lost all followers. Is there any chance you could change me link in your side bar. I'm sorry to be a pain. Feel like crying after this problem :( xxx

    1. Hope your Bloglovin prob is sorted, that's so annoying!

      Link is updated, hope everyone refollows!

      Rebecca x

  2. I love the snowflake sweater and the iPhone case! (: such great accessories! (:

    1. I am going to have to invest I think - shame they don't do the case for the phone I have though boo!

      Rebecca x

  3. Love all your picks but especially the etsy bracelet, would be the perfect addition to a lbd for a christmas party :)
    L xo

    1. Yeah, I love delicate jewellery with a LBD. Just followed your blog, it's lovely!

      Rebecca x

  4. Love the snowflake theme, so cute!


    I'm taking part in #TheWinterProject too :)



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