Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Brand Focus: Kevyn Aucoin

On my recent trip to London, my friend Sophie and I spent a wonderful couple of hours in the Kings Road Space NK store, happily browsing, testing and discovering new beauty wonders.  During the visit, we met an artist from Kevyn Aucoin, the lovely Lily.  Kevyn Aucoin is a brand I had heard of through YouTubers such as Fleur de Force but I was relatively unfamiliar with it myself.  Lily talked us through the brand, introduced us to some new releases and top sellers and gave Sophie a beautiful, flawless make over.

Kevyn Aucoin himself was a make up artist from Louisiana, who moved to New York.  He became a top artist, working on celebrities and magazines and wrote several best selling books before starting his brand in 2001 only a year before his death at the age of 40.  You can buy Kevyn Aucoin products at Space NK.
Kevyn Aucoin with Janet Jackson
The ethos of the brand, from the website, is "Beauty is always in fashion; trends come and go, but true beauty transcends time. Our products are created to bring out the true beauty in every woman. Using the highest quality ingredients, innovative new formulas, and exciting seasonal twists on timeless staples, Kevyn Aucoin is a must-have for the modern woman."

The items that caught our eye first were the gorgeous range of super soft, innovative brushes.  The two that stood out the most for me were the densely-packed tapered dome foundation brush, and the round, flat sculpting brush (£26) for blending small areas such as concealer and contouring highlight under the eye.  On my dream list (ie if I won the lottery!) is the Essential Brush Collection - all 14 brushes in a case/easel (£430 - sigh!).

The Essential Brush Collection

Lily explained that the key look of the brand is a flawless, glowing skin, well defined brows and simple, classic eyes.  Some of the key products to achieve this are:
Sensual Skin Enhancer £38
Use as a concealer, add to moisturiser for a sheer tint
or foundation for fuller coverage.

Celestial Powder £35
Ideal for all skin tones to add a subtle sheen.

Eye Pencil Primatif £21
Rich, soft and highly pigmented eye pencils with a smudger.

Precision Brow Pencil £21
A seriously good pencil for filling in brows.
The nib is super fine to create a natural effect.

Sophie loved her new look and her skin looked absolutely radiant.  Thanks Lily for all the fab advice and for introducing us to such a beautiful brand!  I have bought a couple of items and will do some reviews this week so follow if you would like to see more :)
Just look at Sophie's flawless skin!
If you are quick, there are still a couple of Kevyn Aucoin bits in the half price Space NK sale
Go go go!


  1. Love the lip colour Sophie's wearing too, she looks gorgeous! Kevyn Aucoin is such a beautiful brand, have only tried the celestial powder and sculpting powder but they are like the contouring dream team together! How amazing would that brush set be... a girl can dream! xx

    1. I've just ordered the celestial powder, can't wait for it to arrive! I'll ask her what she put on her lips, it does look lovely.

      Rebecca x

    2. Thank you! I really loved the look. Still need to have more of a play with getting the flicks right with the eyeliner myself - much easier than most liquid liners though!

      On my lips I had put on Mac Mehr in the morning, but it had pretty much come off by this point. I had just out on some Hourglass lip oil which was beautiful though :). Sophie x

    3. Ah the hourglass lip oil is a dream! x

  2. Great post, I've never tried anything by Kevin Aucoin but I'm very tempted by the skin enhancer :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. Thanks! The skin enhancer is great, particularly that it has so many uses. A good colour range too.

      Rebecca x

  3. Had my eye on this brand for AGES. Her lips look amazziiiing!

    Thanks for sending me your link in bbloggers :)

    S xx
    Friday is Forever Blog


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