Tuesday, 10 December 2013

#thewinterproject Christmas Accessories

There is one accessory that you should never be without at Christmas - a stocking!  As a child, I always had a massive stocking laid over the end of my bed that would be filled - by Santa of course - at some magical point of the night.  I can still remember the anticipation if I awoke in the night - reaching out with my toes to see if he had been and the satisfying crinkle of wrapping paper when it was finally full.  Sadly, now I am a grown up in my own house, Santa no longer fills a stocking for me (sob!) but I like to continue the tradition by delivering our nephews' presents in stockings and hanging up two lovely stripy ones from Muji as a Christmas decoration.

Mine are a few years old and no longer available but here are a few you should be able to get your hands on this year:

Do you have a stocking?

Leave your links if you have done a Christmas accessories post!


  1. Ah I love your post! Stocking idea is fab :) x

  2. You may not believe this but I have never had a christmas stocking (:

  3. I don't have a stocking buy my kids do. I love their faces when they see their stockings, but I don't put them in their room coz if they woke and found them they wouldnt go back to sleep even if it was 2am in the morning hahaha

    great post x

  4. Lovely Blog!
    I am following you now, Please follow back will appreciate it <3
    Red Alice


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