Sunday, 19 January 2014

Saturday Scents - Laura Mercier Fresh Fig and Diptyque Philosykos

 Oops - sorry I'm a little late for Saturday Scents, it being Sunday 'n all but I just ran out of time!

Over the past couple of weeks I have snapped up a few fig-scented products in the sales, two perfumes and a gorgeous mini candle, all of which are now firm favourites.

If you are a blogger or a reader of beauty blogs, you will almost certainly have heard rave reviews of various fig scented products, Diptyque's Philosykos being the front runner.  I initially smelled this by opening a bottle and sniffing the lid in my local Space.NK and I really didn't like it so when it was half price in the sale I ignored it in favour of the more floral Olene.  Then on a recent trip to Liberty, I spritzed it on my skin and suddenly realised the error of my ways, alas too late for a bargain.  In a stroke of pure luck, I was scouring the sale again and it popped up just long enough for me to rush it through checkout, pulse racing with excitement (there's an extra frisson from Space.NK, knowing that someone could swipe it out of your bag at any moment until that satisfying 'order complete' message flashes across the screen!).

Philosykos is initially a true scent of fresh figs, not the sticky dried ones, but rich, fresh and green.  If you have ever eaten figs still warm from ripening in the late Summer sunshine, you will recognise this fragrance as being pretty true to the real thing.  After a while, the scent deepens into a beautiful soft, lightly sweet aroma that I cannot get enough of.

Richer and sweeter than Philosykos, this has less of the true fig fragrance of its more grown up cousin.  It is, however, almost as delicious and wonderfully comforting on a cold Winter's day.  I was reaching for it on a daily basis until my Diptyque arrived, now I will have a fig-fragranced dilemma in the mornings as I decide which to plump for!

Along with its 3 fragrant siblings, this small, chocolate brown glass cylinder looks adorable curved round the corner of my TV stand.  Without any burning, it lets off a subtle hint of fragrance and with flame, it fills the room with a gentle, warming aroma.  The candle is more green and fresh than the perfume, whilst maintaining the same soft, sweet vanilla-y goodness.

Have you tried either of these fragrances?  

Do you have any fig-based favourites?

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