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June Favourites *blushes at the lateness of this post*

I've been a bad blogger... I have had such a busy month with work and at home that I have not done any blogging for almost a month :(  In fact, I wrote this June Favourites just before the end of June and didn't even have time to take the photos and upload, so it's just been languishing in my Drafts folder.  So here it is, my VERY belated June Favourites and what I hope will be the first of many posts over the Summer holidays

A bit about my June and July
I had the busiest month ever - (in my Primary Teacher job), I was frantically trying to finish writing reports when we had the call that OFSTED were coming in!  Cue hours and hours of preparation, worry and dread.  All was not in vain though - my lesson was graded OUTSTANDING (which is the top grade) as was the school.  Everyone pulled together, worked hard and showed what great stuff is done there so it all worked out in the end.  Then July just got crazy, trying to wrap up everything from this school year and prep for next year.  After all that work though, I am mostly prepared for September, so shouldn't have too much to do during the holidays, yay!


Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shine Spray  £21 for 125ml
I have said it before and I will say it again - I LOVE the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi range!  This month's offering is the shine spray - it has the same effervescent ginger scent that I loved in the treatment oil and gives a lovely sheen to blow-dried hair.  For reasons that are beyond me though, this range is so hard to find; I have given an Amazon link on here because hardly any shops, online or otherwise, seem to sell it.  Let me know if you find it anywhere!

Bio-Effect EGF Serum £125 for 15ml (eek!)
I got this little bottle of wonder in a blog sale and it brings tears to my eyes that I am about to finish it - do I splash out on the full size or not???  If it was cheaper, I wouldn't even hesitate for a second.  I can honestly say that I have NEVER used a product that has made such a difference to my skin.  All the fine lines on my forehead that were seriously making me feel old (that coupled with turning 30!) have truly all but disappeared.  This stuff is amazing but boy is it pricey!

Origins Ginger Essence  £29 for 50ml

This has been my top perfume this month - I just can't get enough of its zingy sparkliness. Check out my full review here.

Make up
L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara  £10.99 - currently buy 1 get 2nd half price in Boots
I am a big fan of Benefit They're Real but have been disappointed by how quickly the product dries up and goes clumpy.  I find this mascara to be a great dupe - it has the same lash-lengthening power and lasts just as long (easily a whole day).  It gives enough volume without being heavy or clumpy and sets a nice curl to the lashes.

Chanel Les Quatre Ombres in 20 - Regard Perle  £38
This is a gorgeous palette but I chose it as my June favourite for just one of the eyeshadows - the one on the bottom left is a beautiful shimmery nude colour that works perfectly as a base colour and to highlight the inner corner.  A light sweep gives a simple, polished look that works well with either a bold lip or neutral lip, or it can be built up to create a more striking effect.  The best thing about these eyeshadows is that they stay perfectly in place for a whole day.

Essie Tart Deco  £7.99 for 15ml - currently buy 1 get 2nd half price at Boots
I picked this up to take advantage of Boots' Buy 1 Get 2nd Half Price when I bought my blog giveaway prize.  I was in a mega rush to get to the tills before closing time and didn't have a colour in mind to buy so I literally scanned the shelves and went for the one that stood out.  Turns out it was this one - a true blogger favourite!  And rightly so.  This is the perfect shade for Summer - a bright orangey pinky coral colour that works beautifully with a tan.

Lancome Powder Brush  £13 in House of Fraser sale
This was a House of Fraser sale purchase that was another rush-buy.  It did not disappoint - it is large and tapered and super soft.  And half price too!  Perfect for a swish of Chanel's Poudre Universelle powder.

Around the House
Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay Candle  £39 for 200g
I have been after a Jo Malone candle for soo long and the only reason I have waited is because I couldn't narrow down which one I wanted!  But I finally made my mind up and went for this beauty.  As with all Jo Malone candles, the fragrance fills the room after about 5-10 minutes of burning.  This scent is neither too feminine nor too masculine, so it passes the boyfriend test.  It is sweet and fresh with herb undertones and just plain gorgeous.  I just love the packaging too - I got this at the Jo Malone store in Westfield and watched the assistant expertly wrapping and tying the ribbon, spritzing some Grapefruit cologne in the bag.  I was stopped several times throughout the day to ask for directions to the store

Morrisons Wheat Poppers  £1 (for about 8)
I'm not a fan of rice cakes (I find that flavour really weird) but I have been after a relatively healthy bread alternative to eat with salads, soup, cottage cheese, humus etc.  These are perfect.  They are £1 for about 8 and taste soo good - the texture is similar to prawn crackers or rice cakes but the taste is less strong.  Only 19 calories too which is amazing!  

What have been your favourites this month?

If you have done a June favourites post, leave your link below for me to check out. 

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